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Automation Rising!

The automation and information technology industry is in the midst of a renaissance. Today, automation and information technology products, systems and services are rapidly evolving in a variety of new and exciting ways. This site was created with the complementary goals of Education and Innovation as the foundational pillars for informing automation/IT professionals about how to succeed and thrive by applying this emerging set of automation tools in both traditional as well as new and exciting ways!

That Was Then:

For the past several decades, automation has been mostly regarded as a either luxury or as something driven almost exclusively by regulatory mandates. In some cases, it was even seen as a threat to jobs and economic prosperity. But today, that has all changed as utilities face the dual threats of an aging workforce and declining infrastructure, both of which threaten the security and reliability of the electric, gas and water commodities that are not only vital to our way of life but to life itself.

And This Is Now…

Utility automation and information technology provide the means for capturing the brain trust being drained from the utility workforce as Baby Boomers retire as well as a way to provide fast and efficient surveillance and control over an increasingly fragile infrastructure deeply in need of upgrades, enhancement, expansion — and eventually — replacement. It will take decades to replace all of the aging infrastructure and to rebuild our human capital, but automation provides a practical, economical and readily available path toward that goal.