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Experience the 100% Solution!

utilityhorizons.com was created as a Web portal for utility automation and information technology professionals. It is a place where users, suppliers, consultants and various third-party participants go to stay abreast of the latest in utility automation technology, products, systems and services across all three of the primary utility market verticals: Electric, Gas and Water. There are several unique aspects of utilityhorizons.com that have been pioneered with this new approach. These include:

  • 100% Forward Facing: To go forward we must look forward — no ‘case history’ articles here!
  • 100% Utility Focused: Targeted specifically for middle- and upper-level utility managers in search of innovative solutions to meet new and emerging strategic challenges
  • 100% Automation Centric: Providing answers to the automation/IT challenges of a changing utility environment characterized by an aging workforce and declining infrastructure
  • 100% Digital Format: An entirely new kind of resource for a digital world, the best of automation/IT innovation and education can be found here — in 100% digital format!

New for 2015

Starting in 2015 you will see a major convergence of e-publishing with e-resources under the umbrella of the utilityhorizons.com portal. The first step in this transition was the extension of the EVENTualities Events Calendar from our utility horizons e-zine to the utility horizons website with the help of event socialization software from PointView®. Now, seamless linkage between the e-zine and the portal give utility automation professionals an online event resource that is timely, focused and accurate 24/7/365. Watch for more additions and improvements throughout the year!

utilityhorizons.com is a business unit of cfar International Limited (New Orleans, Louisiana), an independent market research and consulting firm incorporated in 1996. For three decades, cfar (centres for automation resources) International has provided technical market research and consulting services to many of the world’s leading energy and utility companies, consulting firms, financial and venture capital institutions, and others with energy and utility automation market interests. utilityhorizons.com is one of a very few research-based publishing organizations, providing a level of subject matter knowledge and practical market-centric experience that is unmatched by most other industry publications.