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utilityhorizons is guided by some of the most knowledgeable, creative and experienced individuals our industry has to offer. Our Editorial Advisory Board and Innovation & Education Committees are composed of widely known and respected industry leaders tasked with steering and maintaining the quality, accuracy and professional integrity of Utility Horizons initiatives.

Editorial Advisory Board

Michael A. Marullo, Board Chairman
Russell A. Savage, Market Analyst
Tom Smolarek, Energy Efficiency Consultant
Ben Boyd, Regulatory Consultant
Dr. Mani Vadari, Industry Consultant
Dr. Donald Schlenger, Industry Consultant (AMI)
Cary Hillebrand, Industry Consultant
Dr. ML Chan, Industry Consultant

INNOVATION Advisory Committee

Russell A. Savage, Committee Chairman
Dr. Donald Schlenger, Industry Consultant (AMI)
Ben Boyd, Regulatory Advisor
Chris Harlow, Industry Consultant (GIS)
Chuck Drinnan, Industry Consultant (Asset Management)

EDUCATION Advisory Committee

Dr. Bill Craddock, Committee Chairman
Dr. Erfan Ibrahim, Industry Consultant
Dr. Mani Vadari, Trainer & Educator
Dr. ML Chan, Industry Consultant
John Adamiak, Trainer & Educator