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utilityhorizons SYMPOSIUM is a utility industry event like no other! To prepare for this truly unique experience, it is helpful to understand its two principal facets: Education and Innovation


Practically anyone involved with electric, gas or water utilities today knows that there is a massive ‘brain drain’ under way in the workplace being brought about by the loss of seasoned management and staff. The problem is particularly acute in the Automation/IT area where the loss of veteran leaders and workers are being replaced by individuals with far less directly related knowledge and/or experience. As such, there is a definitive need for education that is layered in between the detailed ‘Bits & Bytes’ and ‘Policies & Procedures’ training, which are the types most prevalent today.

Formal half-day tutorials – complete with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) – are a key value of the educational component. Due to the growing influx of newcomers into the Utility Automation/IT environment, the absence of accessible, adequate and affordable Automation Project Training is easily among the greatest challenges facing utilities today. These tutorials are taught by highly experienced Utility Automation/IT professionals who have literally been there and done it!


Anyone involved with utility automation and information technology has probably attended at least one industry conference where a series of individual presentations is delivered in a way that has been referred to by some as Death by PowerPoint. In fact, regular conference-goers routinely complain that many presentations are absent any meaningful exchange of ideas between the presenters and their audience.

The utilityhorizons SYMPOSIUM is different in several ways, one of the most important of which is that there are NO individual paper sessions. Instead, the traditional ‘one-way’ approach is replaced by 100% interactive sessions that allow and promote detailed discourse, debate and the opportunity to exchange ideas about market drivers, issues and trends; legislative and regulatory policy; future market evolution; best practices; advanced technology developments and more.

Set in open forums organized as panels, roundtables or similar group settings, two 90-minute sessions each morning and afternoon on days 1 & 2 of the event and are open to all attendees. Subject matter and session composition are at the discretion of our Education & Innovation Conference Committees, which are composed of widely recognized and respected individuals from all across the Electric, Gas and Water Utility Automation Industry. (See the GUIDANCE tab above for more information.)